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The Wild & Woolley Internet

“The Greatest Show In Cyberspace”


Forget The Harvard Professor & The Cambridge Cop!

When Was The Last Time You Heard Of An Obama Beer Summit For Kinkers, Carnies, Gypsy Cow Persons, & The Right Wing Militia Group That’s Out To Get Em?

Cultural Profiling, Stereo Typical Prejudice & Selective Prosecution


In The “This Is Not Your Grandfather’s Barnum” New Age Assymetric Revolution.


A Perfect Storm Of Political Crackpotism Ascends To Cosmic Heights




Gypsy Barnum’s Politically Incorrect Theatre Of The Absurd.


A Doomsday Misadventure Series About The Establishment Lunatics trying To Gain Control Of The Assylum




The Anti-Establishment Sawdust & Spangled Sociopaths Trying To Stop Them!


Don’t Try To Understand it, SUCKER!


Just Experience “Thurston’s Geometrization Theory” In Action With Each Turn Of The Kaliedoscope.

Citizen Screwed & The Universe

“The Eagle Nebula, also known as: The Elephants Trunk”

There are 100 billion galaxies in the visible universe, with billions more beyond – which we can’t see. In a Universe which seems to be infinite, some scientists theorize that within our mind boggling cosmos – there may be as many as 11 parallel universes.

According to the official dictionary of the Associated Press

The word EXOBIOLOGICAL means the act of investigating the possibility of life and the effects of extraterrestrial environments on living organisms from Earth.

This month’s Featured Free Preview


A psychologically subversive cyber spectacle intended to challenge your suspension of disbelief, compromise your faith in linear reality and totally debunk that 3 dimensional world by which all Citizens Screwed are unwittingly held hostage.

Just as a 19th century Barnum once brought Grizzly Adams to Broadway from the distant Apocraphyl Theater of America’s mythical Wild & Wooly West (a place that existed as much in the imaginations as it did in the Natural World) so too does a NEW AGE BARNUM bring A WILD BUNCH OF A DIFFERENT PERSUASION to THE INFORMATION SUPER HIGHWAY from a mysteriously hidden and artfully obscured oasis situated somewhere in the vast expanses of ELSEWHERE.

A dark, derelict domain and DYNAMISTS PLAYGROUND ruled over by the rough riding weapons of mass distraction. That Wild Bunch of a Different Persuasion destined to invade our dreams and occupy our nightmares.


The EXTRA TEMPESTUOUS, EXTRA TERRESTRIAL TURNVEREIN TIME TRAVELERS from the space time continuum of a former unfathomable wilderness.

The magical and elusive Mountain Man’s NATURAL WORLD. “THE GREAT MAP OF THE MAGNIFICENCE” which once was and is no more, except for an absurd alien extension of a geographically intangible West of The Pecos World of curious and outlandish QUANTUM POSSIBILITIES. A SPOOKY 6 GUN PSYCHEDELIC OUTLAW UTOPIA floating on the fringes of fantasy and the Badlands Borders of a dangerously deceptive Parallel Universe where nothing is as it seems, no one is who they appear to be and everything is as it could never have been in any other Paradigm of Reality but ELSEWHERE.

In The Magically Distorted Wonderfully Warped World of a Lost Kaleidoscope Frontier suspended in Space, (like the invisible monster of our own Milky Way Galaxy – a black hole whose existence Einstein doubted) this perverse parallel universe and alternate outlaw dimension exists within an inescapable vortex wherein the laws of Physics do not apply and the rules of any kind are not applicable. It is that nowhere place in the mind’s nightmare alley in which God plays dice with the Universe.


This is NOT your Grandfather’s Barnum!

Citizen Screwed & The Eye of God Nebula

Is the universe flat? According to some astrophysicists, cosmologists and NASA scientists, the potential for a flat universe is a possibility not to be discounted.

This and other highly unorthodox theories about our universe can and have totally upended our conventional beliefs about reality – just as Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity in another era upended Isaac Newton’s once held sacrosanct scientific observations. And now Einstein’s own theories are coming in to question with each new discovery concerning the complexities of the cosmos.

Like for instance the possibility that we live in a multiverse as opposed to a single universe. And that we humans – as carbon based life forms can – like sub atomic particles – exist in more than one place at a time, living out alternate scenarios of our lives – not as reincarnated beings as some believe – but as living entities with duplicate versions of ourselves replicated throughout the cosmos in a series of parallel universes.

Parallel universes which, by traveling through time, can be accessed through portals, wormholes or even by some serendipitous fleeting thought or signature psychic signpost.

In some extreme cases – a parallel universe in which, though separate and normally inaccessible, a couch potato can share the same living room space with prehistoric mastodons from an unseen invisible alternate dimension. The not-so-simple fact is when it comes to the cosmos, “It’s a jungle out there.”

Impossible you say? Ridiculous? Absurd? The looney tune ravings of some non compos mentis! Hardly – but rather the seriously contemplated theories held by the most brilliant minds of the 21st century, who are even now recreating The Big Bang in search of the mysterious and elusive God Particle.

According to the late Carl Sagan and author of the science fiction novel Contact – “somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”

There’s a strange serendipitous synchronicity between science and certain long standing myths, legends and tall tales which tend to support the veracity of the unearthly aspects of fables and shaggy dog stories. Stories that might have once been considered the product of overactive imaginations and mankind’s unrelenting efforts to escape the limited spectrum of linear reality. Now lo and behold the frontiers of science have finally elevated the fairy tale aspects of reality above what astro physicists call “The Giggle Factor.”

Seers, story tellers, sages, shamans and yes, even born-again Barnum’s can reveal their truths without fear of ridicule or the Herculean effort of a suspension of disbelief.

And so in keeping with the words of William Shakespeare who expressed the following sentiments long before space travel was even a gleam in Werner Von Brawn’s eye. “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

The Millennial Shakespeare Of Advertising


New Age Princess Of Humbug

Proudly Presents

Gypsy Barnum’s Apocryphal Theatre


The Marvelous, The Unexplained And The Absurd


The Surreal Super Heroes of A Lost Kaleidoscope Frontier


The Cosmic Misadventures


The Leader Of The Paranormal Pack

The Mad, Machiavellian “Mama Mazeppa”

Galloping Bitch Goddess & Matriarchal Dominatrix


Her Own Self Styled Utopian Underworld

An Arch Anarchist Alternate Outlaw Dimension

In The Primitive & Perilous Parallel Universe


The Perverse & Peripatetic PLANET BIZARRO

Citizen Screwed & the Horse Head Nebula



As the atom is key to the universe, so too is “CHANGE” its modus operandi, the result being with the cosmos in a constant state of flux and for the most part invisible to the naked eye, what we, as carbon based life forms perceive as our reality, is little more than an optical illusion.

A FOOLS GOLD perception of the so called “REAL WORLD”. An Intergalactic House of Mirrors and Cosmic Shell Game about which the average obtuse earthling is basically “clueless”. Which is what prompted a certain slight of hand artist, an Ivy Island Entrepreneur by the name P.T. Barnum to say- “there is a sucker born every minute!”

As for Barnum himself, Irrespective of his many faults and there were many…”In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.” Which is why this Beatified Bunko artist chose from within the context of ” A Horse Opera and Three Ring Circus” to fool, trick, conjure, enlighten, bewilder, shock and amaze the blinded bourgeoisie out of their customary complacency and the residual after affects of Victorian Repression, Puritanical Pretensions and Bigoted Religious Perspectives.

In an era in which entertainment was considered sinful and entertainers thought to be in league with the devil, along with such satanic pursuits as eating minced pie and celebrating Christmas…pagan preoccupations which could conceivably damn you to the eternal fires of hell- the narrow minded zeitgeist of “Primitive Americana”, having been carried over from the dark ages and derived from the inquisition, literally put Barnum between a rock and a hard place. It required this one of a kind nineteenth century entrepreneur to present his Museums, Horse Operas, Multiple Ring Circuses and ad hoc cultural events within the self righteous context of a “Morality Play” and “Educational Exhibit”. A spectacle charged with the lofty dual purpose of protecting the morals of its patrons and enlightening them as well. In order to pass muster with the nineteenth century version of the moral majority or red white a blue Taliban, Barnum’s latter day circus ventures had to be presented as a “Sunday School Show” and “Edutainment” Type Spectacle. The only format deemed acceptable to the church going establishment who, apart from their pious demeanor’s were like “Whited Sepulchers”. Full of dead men’s bones.

A “Must See” educational exhibit with “No Child Left Behind”. Without which no one could be said to have had a complete and proper education. Obviously a stretch, even for an accomplished “Prince of Humbug”. And complete it was and like no child left behind-no gross me out celebrated anomaly, human atrocity or freakazoid phenom, either real or contrived was left out of ” The Shakespeare of Advertising’s” Herculean effort to sell ” advance sale tickets” and thoroughly exploit the salivating masses “thirst for knowledge”, hunger for the forbidden an appetite for the grotesque. A hunger that was apparently insatiable, suppressed as they had previously been by those who obviously had direct communication with the “Almighty”. That body politic of stiff necked establishment hominids who walk upright, but according to those of us who are “with it” – can’t see the forest for the trees. An attitude reflective of a disparaging lexicon of demonizing terms which go far beyond “Sucker”. I’m sure you’ve heard them all before. Every new book, TV series or movie regularly regurgitates them, like some rare archaeological find which supposedly legitimizes the latest embarrassing “Gajo” or “Contrasti” Big Top revelation and supposed insight into a world they can’t possibly begin to penetrate. A world which, like the layers of an onion tells more tales than Scheherazade and like Thurston’s Geometrization Conjecture takes on as many different mobile shapes and colors as the living Kaleidoscope that it is. For those of us who long ago “Stopped The World and Got Off “, there is only one truth and it’s ours and ours alone. As simplistic as it sounds – ours is a religion in which there is no separation between church and state, its principal precept being, the “Show Must Go On”. It’s overriding religious mandate – get the show on the road, be it route 66 or the information super highway. And only one political affiliation, ” My Big Top Right or Wrong.” ” My Circus Big or Small” Apart from that- everything else falls off the radar of midway consciousness. We live sequestered lives within the protective canvas cocoon of our own primitive and eclectic primary culture. A counter culture that protects us from the madness of that much larger industrialised society that exist beyond the borders of our Midway. Ours is a sovereign nation of diverse “Outsiders”. Outsiders who seek no common ground with the establishment apart from whatever currency they can provide for whatever entertainment, enlightenment and paranormal events we have to offer. We are- after all- the Socio economic Extension of the Paranormal. A creative social anomaly whose existence in the here and now extend beyond time and space and the limited perspective of linear reality. A curious and diverse counter culture which is a universe unto its own within which there exists a Heinz 57 variety of alternate circus realities which fall into the context of that Kaleidoscope Frontier for whom”The Horse” is at the center of consciousness. A consciousness founded on the belief that is was from the back of a horse that mankind first began to realise the true extent of his potential and experience an altered perception of his surroundings. A surrounding environment by which he was no longer trapped. Liberated as it were, because of the new found mobility afforded to him by ” Equus Caballus”. Our very first “Voyager” A symbiotic voyager that was their singular serendipitous gift from God.


After Barnum’s death, his “Sunday School Show” was absorbed into the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. A circus which, in the 21st century still retains its authentic and well earned title of “The Greatest Show on Earth” and to this day represents the gold standard to which every “Horse Opera” aspires.

But- at the opposite end of the spectrum- there exists a Circus which is definitely not for children of any age. A polar extreme which offers a different kind of “EDUTAINMENT”. For adults only. A circus as infamous as the goody two shoes version is famous. As dangerous as any death defying high wire act Carl Wallenda didn’t survive. As mysterious as any of Harry Houdini’s great escapes. As romantically star crossed as Lietzel and Codonna’s doomed love affair. A circus from whose wicked vortex of violence and vice, few ever return-dead or alive. Beware all ye who enter here…

But if you are so fool hardy as to risk that one way ticket to perdition… You will learn…as others have, that in life, as in the circus ring….what goes around…comes around…

And for every Citizen Screwed and discounted minority of one… there’s the Beelzebub Blowback Syndrome and Bad Ass Butterfly effect called “THE CIRCUS OF LAST RESORT” where the unmarked bodies of “Suckers, Marks, Mooches and Rubes” still lie buried under ” The Menagerie Manure Pile”.

Welcome to the Wild & Wooly X-Rated OUTLAW Circus



The Part Of Big Bad Ben to Be Played By: Academy Award Nominee MICKEY ROURKE


Just as Forrest Gump taught Elvis to dance — legend has it, that the inspiration for Jail House Rock came from Big Bad Ben’s Outlaw Express.

That big place that Elvis refers to in the next video as being “way out yonder” was none other than Big Bad Ben’s escaped con & ex-con circus hideout in Gonzales, Texas — where his “Guests” conjured up their version of Jail House Rock from past fond memories of life in the can & Big Bad Ben’s former outdoor prison life on the chain gang.

Since — as I’ve already mentioned elsewhere on “The Greatest Show In CyberspaceCol. Tom Parker knew Big Ben well as a former partner along with Foxy Hoxie & Medicine Showman Bartok. All three came up with the money for the Colonel to buy Elvis’ contract from Sam Philips who owned Sun Records. Much to their everlasting regret, they didn’t partner with Col. Tom Parker on the deal, but they did lend him the “scratch” to pull it off! If they hadn’t Elvis might have taken the advice given him by “The Grand Ole Opry” to quit show biz and go back to driving a truck.

Thereafter — anytime Elvis wanted to get away from it all and play with guns — as was his dangerous delight… The Colonel took him to Gonzales Texas or somewhere out “on the road” where the Outlaw Express was traveling and Elvis had the time of his life playing cops & robbers or making fast getaways from the Circus Trains Caboose — far away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi.

The following “True-Lies Psychodrama” & “Honest Humbug Cyber Spectacle” was inspired by an outrageous & authentic Circus Legend. My very own “in law” turned “outlaw” extremophile from the wrong side of the circus tracks. The despotic ex-con and monster in law with whom I share the obscene distinction of having committed Circusdoms most reviled and despicable sin. The sin of having “Burned Up The Territory!” A scenario not to be confused with the Gilo Pontecorvo, Marlon Brando movie masterpiece called “BURN”, but rather a mia culpa transgression, the explanation for which will soon be forthcoming. As soon as I muster the courage to fess-up!

Sin per se and the prospect of burning in hell was not a concern of the proud and perverse Grand Poo Bah of the morally misguided, socially irredeemable BIG BAD BEN and his modus operandi of “doing it to them, before they do it to you.” He’d already been there and determined that next time he wasn’t going it alone and planned to take as many as he could with him. Myself included! Such was my “edutainment” in Social Darwinism Circus Style and “Survival Of The Fittest” according to “The Outlaw Persuasion,” compounded by the confusing conundrum of my own out of body experiences on “The Extreme Circus Of Big Bad Ben.” The riotous, renegade world of “The Circus Of Last Resort” where once upon a time in a derelict Deja Vue West, long before “Shock & Awe,” I learned the meaning of “The Doctrine Of Pre-Emption” in a “War Of The Worlds” being staged on the largest and most notorious Sho-Biz enterprise that ever road the rails …


The scourge of the North American Continent & traveling den of iniquity where both saints & sinners alike, black hats and white hats together, scraped the meat off the bones of those we ideologically demonized & sociologically cannibalized. The Black Hole destination predestined to provide those of us who succumbed to its “event horizon” with the kind of “Sea Change” we could never have anticipated, not even in our wildest imaginings. A lost “Back To The Future Frontier” where I, a relatively moral albeit psychologically skewed Catholic girl with a quasi convent upbringing engaged in the scandalously lucrative, sexually oriented “Dark Room Scam.” A scintillating rip off scenario which was to earn me more hard cash in one month than any legitimate enterprise ever earned me in a month of Sundays. Before or since. The salacious bait and switch schemata for which no one ever demanded an apology or their money back and for which there was never an iota of controversy over my use of a mysterious methodology previously unknown to those with sawdust in their veins.

The latter a veritable miracle given The Bad Blood Brou Ha Ha & Blow Back Effect of my former ill fated attempt to initiate change via a new fangled artistry I had acquired on The Black Market Of The Big Apple Babylon. A city in which I, in a previous idyllic incarnation, prior to my excommunication from a family fold of Sawdust & Spangled Cultural Maximizers, had never ventured any further from than The Old Madison Square Garden & a former dated & decaying Belvedere Hotel.

New York City was the concrete jungle where our exotic gemeinschaft culture annually made a stand with The Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus. That was before my extended family of highly prolific circus performers increased in such numbers that we had little choice but to create our own family circus. Even The Greatest Show On Earth was finding it difficult to accommodate the growing population of The Great Corliani Clan. Nevertheless, no matter how big our extended family became or how far we traveled — I always felt cramped by the constraints of the quaint and exotic world into which I had been born. A clannish culture I strained against and was restless to explore beyond. Like the old Cuban Curmudgeon in the movie “The Perez Family” I was always climbing to the top of things in an effort to see above ground level to some utopian vision I imagined in the far off horizon.

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but thanks to the nine lives I inherited from my daredevil of an aerialist mother who, like some airborn feline charmer imbued with magical powers — no matter how many times she & the trapeze from which she was suspended high above the center ring parted company, except for a minimum of isolated mishaps, she always managed to defy the laws of gravity & land safely on her feet. Like her, I too apparently had what it took to survive my need to explore dangerous alternate dimensions and the real or imagined foes with whom I would eventually be confronted. What I didn’t have was an ounce of common sense with which to deal with that “aha moment” of realization that we were not the only life form that existed on the planet. There were “The Others”. That contingent of crass and obtuse aliens that we regarded as a “Secondary Species.” The Sub Division Sickos” who couldn’t see the forrest for the trees. The dangerous “Gajo’s” and “Contrastis” who inevitably posed a threat to us because of their own tunnel visioned perspective of the “hamster wheel of life.” A nose to the grindstone value system which inevitably required the selling of their souls to “The Company Store.” Or in todays modern lexicon “The Multinational Corporation” — Or for that matter, any powerful collective entity or individual who, for profit or gain engages in an abuse of power that reduces the quality of life of other sentient beings by either turning them into slave like drones or products for consumption. Institutionalized crime that hides in plain site behind the paternalistic concept of “business as usual”. Monsters of efficiency maintaining a self rightous posture of good citizenship, solvency & business acumen while their crimes against humanity & cruel methodologies fall below the radar of human consciousness. That is, to all but those who strain to survive beneath the crushing weight of their moral schizophrenia. But, what you may ask does a ” FLY BY NIGHT GYPSY” from the “Center Ring” of a traveling “Circus” have to do with such weighty matters? To which I would respond that it was the “Gypsies” not the “Jews” who attempted to bring the IBM Corporation to account for their involvement and participation in the Holocaust. Check Next to the Jews, the Gypsies were the largest human population to be exterminated in the Nazi ovens.

But none of us are innocent or can point the finger of accusation at the evolution of this perverse phenomenon of the all powerful corporation. It is a dirty business in which we have all knowingly or unknowingly participated & consciously or unconsciously supported as perpetrators, co conspirators, bystanders or acquiesant victims. A condition not unique to any culture, country or political system. It simply is — to a greater or lesser extent — “The Rotten Way That It Is,” with the exception that in larger & more complex societies & more technologically driven bureaucracies — the crime is compounded in spades. A runaway numbers racket with human lives at stake & no holds barred because the bigger and more complicated something is, the more that something can go wrong. Like a monstrous stampeding Jurrasic Predator — the harder it is to stop. Might doesn’t make right but absolute power corrupts absolutely. And if you doubt that unrestrained power consider the following … In this time of a potential looming pandemic — it’s easier to “Put Lipstick On A Pig” & change the name of “Swine Flu” to the H1 N1 virus than it was for Sanjay Gupta to get The Smithfield Multinational Corporation to open the doors to their pig factory farm in Mexico for inspection. Never mind that local Mexican villagers where the largest cluster of “Swine Flu” victims were located, believe that’s where the “Swine Flu” started. If in fact that’s true — Smithfield’s alledged dirty little secret is apparently safe. But even if it has no basis in fact — the dirty little secret of the cruel, cramped, concentration camp like facilty where live animals are kept to suffer in inhumane, unsanitary conditions and polluted stale air, in which a creature as intelligent and sensitive as a dog has to live and breath the entirety of its life on most profit driven factory pig farms — is true. And if it wasn’t, why would Smithfield refuse anyone let alone Dr, Sanjay Gupta, in a perilous time of ongoing contagion, the right to inspect?? So enjoy your next ham sandwhich and BLT SUCKER! It may have come at a great cost to us all.

It’s not a matter of whether to eat meat or not to eat meat. That’s a matter of personal choice. If you’re into eating something with a face that can make eye contact with you — well — that’s your problem. What’s at issue here is that until a sentient being winds up on your dinner plate — for the benefit of all concerned, that creature should be afforded the most humane, sanitary, and ideal living conditions possible. To do otherwise is madness as it invites the lowering of their immune system, opens them up to disease and provides a favorable environment for the proliforation of plagues. After all, the first victims of THE SWINE FLU were the pigs themselves!!! As we now know animal viruses can transfer to humans. Hiding out in Mexico beyond the reach of US inspectors does not obsolve Smithfield or any other animal based factory farm wherever located of the obligation for transparency because the plagues themselves do not recognize borders .. it’s an equal opportunity airborne menace that threatens us all.

To make another painful analogy as to how “the company store” allegedly has a propensity to treat humans like pigs as a result of the abuse of power — consider this also —
one shudders to think during these times of economic stress & joblessness what kind of emotional, psychological, physical stress & abuse is being endured by those in a life and death struggle to keep a roof over their heads & maintain their jobs. Once having lost both they have no choice but to summon the gumption to “cowboy up” and start from scratch in what has for the most part become a waste land in terms of opportunity. “THE AMERICAN DREAM ON LIFE SUPPORT.”

But here’s the rub …

Societies dramatic upheavals, rather than allowing the cream to rise to the top, ironically most often has a way of elevating “human garbage” to positions of authority where these empowered ignoramuses & slave driving dirt bags lord it over anyone or anything they perceive to be at their mercy & powerless to stop them!

One situation that particularly relates to “putting lipstick on a pig” is a certain strident & obnoxious cracker bitch, who acts like the whip cracking overseer of her own slave plantation. A veritable sweat shop if ever there was one with the chain gang mentality of “Cool Hand Luke” where every supposed infraction of the rules ( such as actually taking time to eat lunch and daring to respond when nature calls) is perceived as “a failure of communication.” A Hell Hole I would really like to expose and blow the whistle on. However, given the lousy life expectancy of “whistle blowers” these days, & given my new found appreciation for those of the outlaw persuasion and the crisp and concise manner in which they dispense with red tape — against the better angels of my nature — I would really prefer to deal with her in the old fashioned way. Get right to the point. Look her straight in the eye. Then ask this MISERABLE MOTHER FUCKING, COCK SUCKER OF A GAJO CUNT TO _____ “SAY HALLO TO MY LEETLE FRIEND” !!!!!

The above is obviously a picture of dysfunction, disillusion & desperation which is starting to emerge despite occasional misspelled words, gross grammatical failings & various & sundry capital letters sprinkled throughout for no apparent literary purpose. Besides which, like Bonnie, of “Bonnie & Clyde” fame, who according to Big Bad Ben was an even more incompetent outlaw than I was — I too have an obsessive fetish for lacing words with “quotation marks”. In terms of identifying outlaw traits, apart from “wasting” the occasional unlucky pedestrian that got in the way of this gun totin DIVA, she loved writing “punctuated poetry” & posing for suggestive pictures. Cheesecake so to speak. Traits which I have the unfortunate propensity to share. As you might expect, the cheesecake got in the newspapers — the poetry didn’t. Even for incompetent “KILLER DILLER’S,” female body parts have far more commercial value than their creative input. Suffice it to say her face did not appear on Supreme Court Justice Nominee Sonia Sotomayor’s “Umbrella Of Famous Female Authors” despite the fact that Bonnie “The Literary Killer Diller” was the archetypical prototype of what passed for a media celebrity in the good ole days. Way back when, it was incumbent on a so called celebrity to make some kind of contribution to society — apart from just being famous — for being famous. The quality of contribution didn’t really matter — as long as it sold newspapers!!!! She too had a propensity for going postal and letting loose with language I’m sure the nuns at the academy would find highly offensive. All that not withstanding, what could “The Outlaws Dumb & Dumber” not only decades apart but at the cultural opposite ends of the “Stick Em Up Spectrum” have had so much in common as to drive them to make their forceful albeit stupid stand against the establishment? The answer is simple — she had no place else to go and neither did I.

“Colony Collapse Disorder” doesn’t only happen to BEES — but to people as well, when the structures upon which they depend for life and living are in such disarray and so discombobulated that you can’t see through the polluted mist to that window of opportunity where — supposedly there’s a place for you. As it says in the BIBLE — “Without Vision The People Perish.” The perfect storm and opportune breeding grounds for unrepentant oppositional systems busters like myself who wound up as “road kill” as opposed to “The Queen Of The Circus” my “Great Expectations” and distinguished Big Top Ancestry fated me to be. After all — what else could a Gypsy from the Center Ring of a traveling Circus with the name “Marie Antoinette” legitimately aspire to be?

The fact is, I got my head cut off at the pass long before my main event ever had a chance to get off the ground! And it wasn’t by Al Qaeda either. It was this “Unkindest Cut Of All” that set me on the “Road To Perdition” and the Lawless Looney Tune Lifestyle of Bonnie & Clyde.

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